Simple Present Tense – Multiple Choice Questions OR Quiz OR Test

Choose the most suitable answer to complete the sentence.

Q 1. We _____on Sunday.

a) Cooks
b) Cook
c) Cooking

Answer – b

Q 2.  I ______Spanish very well.

a) Don’t speak
b) Doesn’t speak
c) Don’t speaks

Answer - a

Q 3. He _____his holiday on beach.

a) Spends
b) Spent
c) Spend

Answer – a

Q 4. They _____TV all the time.

a) Watches
b) Are watch
c) Watch

Answer - c

Q 5. Harry _______he is not going London this year.

a) Assuming
b) Assumes
c) Assumed

Answer - b

Q 6. The mall _______on Monday.

a) Don’t open
b) Doesn’t open.
c) Don’t opens

Answer - a

Q 7. ______Olivia _____to the market?

a) Do, go
b) Does, goes
c) Does, go

Answer - c

Q 8. They ________the address.

a) Don’t know
b) Doesn’t know
c) Aren’t know

Answer – a

Q 9. Does your bother ______headphone?

a) Had
b) Has
c) Have

Answer - c

Q 10. Jenifer ______that she will go with us.

a) Is doubting
b) Doubts
c) Doubt

Answer – b

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