Trait means characteristic or quality. Here, trait refers to a character trait. Generally, a character is described or recognized through his or her trait. Apart from this, descriptive adjectives like adventurous, fun-loving, aggressive, rude, sad or happy words are normally used to explain a character in a coherent manner. Whether you are describing a friend, colleague or a family member, you would certainly use some descriptive adjectives to explain their personality. In simple words, the descriptive adjectives are the tools to describe how a character behaves or acts in different situations and also describes his or her trait.

How to Identify a Character’s Traits?

The traits of the characters that we see on TV or movies or the characters that interact with us on a regular basis can be explained in a better way. The best way to identify a character trait is to observe what he or she says, thinks or does. Here, some points are discussed that will help in finding the character traits.

•    Observe a character’s actions and match them with suitable descriptive adjectives.

•    Make a list of the character’s traits as well as prepare a list of actions from the books that justify the traits that you have listed.

Types of Character Traits

A character trait can be positive or negative. For instance, “Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth”, the idiom refers to the person who is born into a rich family. This example represents a rich character. The traits of a character can be easily determined with the help of his or her actions, acts or responses to a specific situation. Let us see different types of words, which are used to describe a character’s negative and positive traits.

1.    Kind
2.    Patient
3.    Quiet
4.    Happy
5.    Honest
6.    Shrewd
7.    Sincere
8.    Rude
9.    Mean
10.  Unreliable
11.  Greedy
12.  Angry

Structure of a Paragraph

A paragraph refers to a number of sentences that are grouped together in order to address a specific subject or a main idea. In short, a paragraph is a set of sentences organized around the main topic. Paragraphs are written as per the ideas generate. There is no such rule as to the length of a paragraph.  A paragraph can be short or it can be long in accordance with the information available on a subject. It may contain a single sentence or many sentences. Generally, a paragraph contains five parts, which include the topic sentence, three supporting sentences and the concluding sentence. But, there are four essential elements that make a good paragraph. Let us understand the structure of a paragraph in detail.

Key Points in Structure of a Paragraph

•    Unity: It is an important element of a paragraph that starts with the topic sentence. Every sentence deal with a single thought and every paragraph should deal with a single topic or idea. The first sentence of a paragraph should express the main idea and supporting sentences must give more details. You need to choose a suitable theme so as to write a good topic sentence. It is ideal to collect all the points, which you will mention while writing a topic sentence and also decide which point will connect the rest.

•   Order: The order is all about organizing the supporting sentences in a sequential manner. It is important that all your ideas or thought should connect with the main idea or subject. Hence, arrange the sentences in a chronological order, order of importance or any other sequence and make the paragraph succinct and meaningful for the readers.

•  Coherence: It is necessary that you write each and every sentence in a coherent manner. All sentences within the paragraph should connect to each other and present a single idea. Use transition words so as to connect a sentence with another.

•   Completeness: Completeness refers to a well-structured paragraph. If you are able to arrange all the sentences in a sequential manner and present your main idea coherently, then your paragraph is complete. Primarily, a paragraph should contain a topic sentence, three supporting sentences and the concluding sentence. A concluding paragraph should summarize the main idea by emphasizing on the topic sentence.

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