Metaphor – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the metaphor in the sentence.

Q 1. John is a sheep, he never takes any decision.

a) John is a slow learner.
b) John is a follower, not a leader
c) John is dumb.

Answer - b

Q 2. Olivia is a real couch potato.

a) Olivia is lazy
b) Olivia is introvert
c) Olivia is  foolish

Answer - a

Q 3. It seems that tom’s home was prison.

a) Tom’s home has lots of fences
b) Tom’s home is locked
c) Tom was forced to stay at home

Answer - c

Q 4. Max was feeling blue after her cat was hit by a car.

a) Max was amazed
b) Max wore a blue dress
c) Max was sad

Answer – c

Q 5. My grandfather is a rock, he always keeps his promises.

a) My grandfather is strict
b) My grandfather is reliable
c) My grandfather is orthodox

Answer – b

Q 6. James is a real pig when he eats.

a) James is a greedy person
b) James is a very annoying person
c) James is very poor

Answer – a

Q 7. Jessica is the apple of her father’s eye.

a) Jessica always demands apple
b) Jessica’s father called her apple
c) Jessica is loved by her father

Answer - c

Q 8. India is a melting pot.

a) India is place where different people, styles and culture are mixed together
b) India has a hot and humid climate
c) India is underdeveloped country

Answer – a

Q 9. Daisy’s bother is a rug rat.

a) Daisy’s brother is very naughty
b) Daisy’s brother is a little boy
c) Daisy’s brother kept a rat

Answer – b

Q 10. George head was spinning with ideas.

a) George was searching for new ideas
b) George was dreaming
c) George had a lot of ideas happening at once

Answer - c

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