Simile – Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the simile in the sentence.

Q 1. John teeth are as white as _______.

a) Chalk
b) Snow
c) Cloud

Answer – b

Q 2. Sara’s hair is as black as ________.

a) Coal
b) Ink
c) Sunset

Answer - a

Q 3. Nancy is as sly as _______.

a) Fly
b) Deer
c) Fox

Answer – c

Q 4. After Sasha’s exams, she felt as free as a _______?

a) Bee
b) Bird
c) Prisoner

Answer - b

Q 5. His mother is as sweet as _______.

a) Cake
b) Apple
c) Honey

Answer – c

Q 6. John is as brave as _______.

a) Elephant
b) Bear
c) Lion

Answer - c

Q 7. Our marriage was like a ______.

a) Function
b) Dream
c) Movie

Answer – b

Q 8. He ran like a frightened _______.

a) Rabbit
b) Kitten
c) Goat

Answer - a

Q 9. My baby is like an _______.

a) Doll
b) Wish
c) Angel

Answer - c

Q 10. The road near the church is as straight as an _______.

a) Nail
b) Stick
c) Arrow

Answer - c

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