Nouns - Quiz, Test, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Noun - Multiple Choice Questions

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the noun in the sentence.

1. She gave ______ a perfume.

a) Him
b) Someone
c) John
d) Everybody

Answer - John

2. My teacher gave me two assignments to complete.

a) Two
b) Assignment
c) Complete
d) Teacher


3. She wants to go to the beach.

a) Beach
b) Wants
c) She
d) Go

Answer - Beach

4. Tom is a basketball player.

a) Tom
b) Player
c) Basketball
d) A and B

AnswerA and B (Tom and player) 

5. A noun that names a group of people, animals or things are called  _______noun.

a) Abstract noun
b) Collective noun
c) Proper noun
d) Countable noun

Answer - Collective noun 

6. Which of the following is an uncountable noun?

a) Car
b) Happiness
c) France
d) Tree

Answer - Happiness 

7. The word ‘Museum’ is a _________noun?

a) Proper noun
b) Abstract noun
c) Common noun
d) Compound noun

AnswerCommon Noun

8. Which of the following is a plural possessive noun?

a) Bird
b) Birds
c) Bird’s
d) Birds’

Answer - Birds’

9. ________noun have no physical existence. They refer to emotions, idea or concepts.

a) Common noun
b) Concrete noun
c) Proper noun
d) Abstract noun

AnswerAbstract noun 

10. Which of the following is a proper noun?

a) Park
b) Team
c) Japan
d) Air


Pronouns Quiz with Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the pronoun in the sentence.

Q 1. Sherry’s mother asked _____not to open the door for strangers.

a) Him
b) Her
c) Someone
d) Anyone


Q 2. _____is a demonstrative pronoun?

a) Each other
b) Myself
c) It
d) This

Answer - This

Q 3.  ‘You are my best friend’ - Which one is the subject pronoun?

a) My
b) Are
c) You
d) Friend

Answer - You

Q 4. ‘My baby dropped her hanky on the ground’- Which one is the possessive pronoun?

a) My
b) Her
c) The
d) On

Answer - Her

Q 5. ‘You must trust yourself’ – Which one is a reflexive pronoun?

a) You
b) Must
c) Yourself
d) None of the above


Q 6. Laura was born is France, but _______mother was born in Germany.

a) His
b) Their
c) Her
d) Whose

Answer - Her

Q 7. These are my sisters _______names are Cathy and Linda.

a) There
b) Them
c) Their
d) Her

Answer  – Their

Q 8. Which of the following is an indefinite pronoun?

a) Which
b) All
c) Mine
d) Whom

Answer - All 

Q 9.  My laptop is not working. Can I use ______?

a) Your
b) It
c) Yours
d) Their


Q 10. He blamed ________for the mishap.
a) Himself
b) Yourself
c) Themselves
d) Whom


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