Solve Infinitive - Multiple Choice Questions, Quiz or Test

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the correct form of infinitive verb in the sentence.

Q 1. My little brother learns to speak English.

a) To speak
b) Learn to

Answer – Learn to

Q 2. I chose to help my friend.

a) Chose to
b) To help

Answer - Chose to

Q 3. We decided to go to Miami.

a) Decided to
b) To Miami

Answer – Decided to

Q 4. We attempted to contact her many times.

a) Contact her
b) Attempted to

Answer – Attempted to

Q 5. Have you managed to finish your work on time?

a) Work on time
b) Managed to

Answer - Managed to

Q 6. We have to complete our task.

a) Have to
b) Our task

Answer – Have to

Q 7. He happened to be at the bank when it was robbed.

a) Happened to
b) At the bank

Answer – Happened to

Q 8. The security guard refused to let them enter the hotel room.

a) Enter the
b) Refused to

Answer – Refused to

Q 9. Mathew tried to lift the table, but it was too heavy.

a) Tried to
b) Too heavy

Answer – Tried to

Q 10. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth?

a) Swear to
b) To tell

Answer – Swear to

Preposition Online Test - Solve Multiple Choice Questions or Quiz

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the preposition in the sentence.

Q 1. The bag is behind the chair.

a) Bag
b) Is
c) Behind
d) The

Answer - Behind

Q 2. She responded to her mother’s demands by throwing a tantrum.

a) Her
b) By
c) Throwing
d) A

Answer - By

Q 3. I am not interested in buying new mobile phone.

a) Not
b) In
c) New
d) Buying

Answer - In

Q 4. My college is near the temple.

a) Near
b) The
c) Is
d) My

Answer - Near

Q 5. The bill is inside the box.

a) The
b) Bill
c) Is
d) Inside

Answer - Inside

Q 6. My friend, Erik, is named after his great grandfather.

a) Is
b) After
c) His
d) Great

Answer - After

Q 7. He often travels to Cleveland by train.

a) Often
b) To
c) He
d) By

Answer - By

Q 8. The professor from India impressed the US students with his teaching skills.

a) From
b) The
c) With
d) His

Answer – From

Q 9. I will be ready in ten minutes.

a) Will
b) Be
c) In
d) None of the above

Answer - In

Q 10. Sally is afraid of the dog.

a) Is
b) Of
c) The
d) Dog

Answer - Of

Adjective - Solve Multiple Choice Questions or Quiz

Choose the most suitable answer that identifies the adjective in the sentence.

Q 1. Nancy’s mother is a charming lady.

a) Charming
b) Lady
c) Mother
d) None of the above

Answer - Charming

Q 2. Everyone thought that Tom was an innocent boy.

a) Tom
b) Innocent
c) Though
d) Everyone

Answer - Innocent

Q 3. The children plucked beautiful flowers on their way to school.

a) Plucked
b) Way
c) Flowers
d) Beautiful

Answer – Beautiful

Q 4. Sweetex tablets are substitute of sugar, which is added in foods and beverages.

a) Sweetex
b) Tablet
c) Substitute
d) Sugar

Answer – Substitute

Q 5.   John was happy to complete the difficult test.

a) Complete
b) Happy
c) Difficult
d) Test

Answer - Difficult

Q 6. The children were happily drawing colorful pictures.

a) Nicely
b) Happily
c) Pictures
d) Colorful

Answer – Colorful

Q 7. Melissa is wearing a gorgeous evening gown for the party.

a) Gorgeous
b) Evening
c) Gown
d) Party

Answer – Gorgeous

Q 8. Sara’s baby has chubby cheeks.

a) Baby
b) Cheeks
c) Chubby
d) None of the above

Answer - Chubby

Q 9. Emma kept the breakable dinner plates very carefully.

a) Carefully
b) Plates
c) Breakable
d) Kept

Answer - Breakable

Q 10. The last night music concert was awesome

a) Awesome
b) Night
c) Music
d) Last

Answer - Awesome

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