Different Ideas in Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is one form of writing which tells a story. It is broadly categorized into fiction and nonfiction.  Fictional narrative refers to imaginative events and stories that are not real and did not happen in reality. On the other hand, non-fictional narrative writing tells the real story. The stories are based on the real facts.

Storytelling is an old-age tradition and people still like to hear different stories from their near and dear once. In order to capture the attention of the readers, the writer uses narrative techniques in their writing. They not only entertain the readers through interesting stories, but also teach a moral or lesson to them.

In narrative writing, an author usually shares personal experiences. The writer also adds sensory details so as to create a realistic effect and to involve the readers in the story. Generally, a story consists of a plot, characters, setting, climax and ending part. The writer embellishes the story by using vivid verbs and modifiers.

There are various ideas which can be implemented in the narrative writing. Some ideas, which can be used in narrative writing, are mentioned below:

1.    Share a real incident, which you have experienced and it is hard to forget.
2.    Write about a memorable event of your school or college life. For instance, sports day or annual day.
3.    Imagine you were selected for a reality show. Describe your experience.
4.    Recall your best holiday trip and explain why it was an unforgettable trip.
5.    Pretend your favorite actor came to your house. Write a story and tell about him.
6.    Have you ever been to a place which is haunted? Share with others about your experience like what you felt, what you saw and how did you managed to return from that place.
7.    Write about the memories connected to your college life.
8.    Write about an event related to your childhood days.  Describe the most memorable childhood event, which is important and special for you.
9.    Write about the incident when you were embarrassed.
10.     Share an event when your parents felt proud.

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